Building Cultural Intelligence in Inclusive Workplaces
Building Cultural Intelligence in Inclusive Workplaces

Research and Resources

We also offer interim management consultant services to a diverse range of clients in various industries. Some of our important practice areas are listed below.

Change Management and Leadership


Whether your company is implementing transformation strategies for short-term or long-term impact, our expert advice will help you develop a change strategy to successfully implement new business models and behaviors. 



Change Management Research and Templates
Change ManagementResearchandTemplates.pp[...]
Microsoft Power Point presentation [409.3 KB]

Chief Diversity Officer Role Publication


The role of the Chief Diversity Officer continues to evolve and become more important to build inclusive workplaces and best customers' experience.  We researched this role and co-wrote a paper alongise other experts and AAMC.


The Role of the Chief Diversity Officer in Academic Medicine
The Role of the Chief Diversity Officer [...]
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Multi-Cultural Woman Leadership Programs


It is our goal to continue to develop multi-cultural women to support organizations in building inclusive cultures. We have developed workshops, learning programs and career development tools to facilitate career planning.


Career Planning Template
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News & Events

Latina Empowerment Workhops 2018 Chicago, Delaware and Philadelphia 

 We are excited to   announce that this year we designed workshops to empower multi-cultural women in different states and learn the following: Be Empowered and Empower/Mentor others around, to be culturally aware we need to understand culture of others and Don't feel bad to allocater time to pursue education to care of You First to enable to Care for Others. 






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