Building Cultural Intelligence in Inclusive Workplaces
Building Cultural Intelligence in Inclusive Workplaces

Our Trusted Partners

Global Learning and Diversity Partners, LLC has teamed up with select business partners in various industries to provide you with the best possible service.


Our business partners include:

  • Institute for Diversity in Health Management
  • Drexel University Le Bow College Of Business
  • University of Delaware
  • Herrmann International- Whole Brain Thinking
  • AAMC

Consulting Alliances

In addition to the partners above, Global Learning and Diversity Partners, LLC has joined forces with several exclusive consulting partners to expand our expertise and be able to handle a wide range of global issues.


Our consulting partners include:

Professional Memberships

There are a number of professional associations that provide best practices and also non-for-profit organizations that we serve in community boards and comissions to promote equity and diversity. 


We're proud to be a member of the following organizations:

  • ACHE
  • Delaware Hispanic Commission
  • Latin American Community Center
  • National Association for Latino Healthcare Executives 
  • ATD - Association for Talent Development
  • Organization Development Network (ODN)
  • United Way of Delaware


We're proud to have amongst our clients the following organizations:

  • Delaware Department Health and Social Services
  • AARP
  • ab+c Creative Intelligence
  • United Way of DE
  • Thomas Jefferson 
  • TeleHealth CareportMD
  • DE Art Museum

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News & Events

Latina Empowerment Workhops 2018 Chicago, Delaware and Philadelphia 

 We are excited to   announce that this year we designed workshops to empower multi-cultural women in different states and learn the following: Be Empowered and Empower/Mentor others around, to be culturally aware we need to understand culture of others and Don't feel bad to allocater time to pursue education to care of You First to enable to Care for Others. 






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