Global Learning and Diversity Partners
Global Learning and Diversity Partners


We offer multi-cultural consultant services to a diverse range of clients in various industries. Some of our important practice areas are listed below.

Diversity, Cultural Competence and Equity


Whether your organizations requires short-term or long-term solutions, we will help you develop strategies and programs to help you provide cultural competent services: 


  • Diversity, Inclusion, Cultural Competency and Health Literacy Strategy

  • Health Equity assessments and strategy to reduce health disparities

  • Organizational Development assessments in the area of Diversity Language Services, Leadership, and Culture 

  • Cultural Competent Patient Engagement, Marketing  and Recruitment Strategies

  • Learning Workshops:  Diversity Change Leadership, Inclusive Leadership, Unconscious Bias, Cultural Competence

Competency based Inter-professional Learning


From talent and leadership development strategies, competency design to designing learning programs and curriculums, we offer significant consulting expertise to our clients.

  • Learning and Talent Development strategy and curriculum design/  delivery
  • Leadership Development Strategies for: High Potential Leaders, Physicians, Nurses, Healthcare leaders
  • Learning Technologies Evaluation and Implementation (Learning Management System (LMS), Social Learning, Learning Measurement and Analytics.



 Executive  Multi-Cultural Coaching and Organization Design


The role of coaching and organization design in learning is very important. We provide you with extensive advice on how to leverage coaching and concepts of organization development to accelerate talent development.


  • Coaching for High Potentials, Senior Leaders and Executives
  • Organization Design to implement functions for Corporate University, Learning Academy, Linguistic Services, Diversity and Inclusion Office, Healthy Neighborhoods, Service Lines
  • Award Submissions: Top 125 Training Magazine, DiversityInc., Health Equality


Research and Measurements


There are research elements in the work of diversity. It is also important to measure the impact of diversity and learning programs in individual development and organizational performance. We provide you with extensive advice on how to design action research projects and how to develop learning measurement strategies. 


  • Action Learning Research on Chief Diversity Officer, Diversity and Inclusion, Leadership and Cultural Competency
  • Learning Measurement Strategies for Leadership and Diversity